Landing page - Ultimate Guide to Gamification

  • Thought behind the work I created this landing page to work for one of the lead magnets for Cleinsight Ltd. The Lead magnet is designed to generate leads by offering valuable content- e-book (The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying your Business), in exchange for contact information. The E-book’s content provides a solution to a specific pain point that their target audience may be experiencing. In the body of the page, there is a lucrative statement specified in the content with a short description of what is offered in the E-book. The landing page is typically focused on a single call to action (CTA) and is optimized to encourage visitors to provide their contact information. Additionally, we are tracking the performance through Hubspot and Google Analytics. Each time audiences sign up for the E-Book, the system is automated with Hubspot to send the E-Book to the email address and then it is utilized in the future.